LEV Consultancy

In 2009, it was estimated there was an approximate respiratory risk of 10% in businesses with ~60% of LEV systems not being tested and >60% not being checked or maintained. According to the HSE, in 2013 there were an estimated 177 new cases of occupational asthma seen by chest physicians, which is likely an underestimate. The HSE believe the total number of new cases in the wider category of work-related asthma each year could be more than 10 times higher. For the period 2011-2013 and the previous two 3-year periods, 'vehicle paint technicians' and 'bakers and flour confectioners' were the occupations with the highest rates of new cases per year. The most common causes of occupational asthma continue to be isocyanates, and flour/grain (THOR-SWORD).

It is often found employers do not fully appreciate the risk of exposure from processes and that both employers and employees are often over-optimistic about LEV capabilities. In addition there is limited guidance on the purchase of LEV leading to the worst case scenario of the installation of ineffective and expensive LEV systems.

Besides the statutory initial & routine LEV testing, DevineAir Limited also has a wealth of experience in LEV life cycle project management working with industrial clients with large numbers of varying complexity systems. DevineAir Limited can deliver the LEV related services detailed below by project managing to any degree required by the client i.e. tailored to fit unique operating structures & procedures.


Specification & Exposure Benchmarking

For new (particularly complex) LEV systems HSG258 recommends that a LEV specification is prepared including selection of an appropriate exposure benchmark (exposure that would result with the control in place). DevineAir Limited can assist in this process ranging from general consultancy to full specification production & selection of effective LEV tailored to a particular process.

LEV Quotation

The LEV quotation is the LEV designer / installer’s response to the LEV Specification. DevineAir Limited can verify the LEV quotation responses and / or project manage the various quotations in tender process.

LEV Design

DevineAir Limited can provide in-depth LEV design consultancy, advice, guidance and compliance (i.e. HSG258 non-conformances) on LEV design issues such as hoods, ductwork, filters, stack discharges, explosion relief panels etc.

Project Management

Management of subcontractor installers & suppliers delivering LEV installation & modification works. Supply, review and / or verification of RAMS. End commissioning & validation.

LEV Life Cycle Management

DevineAir Limited can formulate full LEV management plans including:

•Identifying all required LEV maintenance tasks and their frequency.
•Drawing up maintenance schedules & programs
•Undertaking maintenance tasks such as filter changing, replacement of consumables, airflow indicator calibration etc.
•Acquiring / producing LEV logbooks & user manuals (recommended by HSG258), which are often neglected or missing altogether.
•Providing onsite training / toolbox talks to operators and local area managers on safe & optimum LEV usage / operator interaction
•Design and erection of warning signage e.g. maximum capture distances, system limitations, smoke clearance times etc.
•Overview of LEV Installation projects & managing sub-contractors
•Failed LEV management flow processes